Offlinx helps businesses to quickly and easily measure the store-level impact of their digital marketing efforts at national, provincial and regional levels


Toronto, ON – October 30, 2018 – dota2直播手机版 Solutions Corporation (“dota2直播手机版”), Canada’s largest processor of debit and credit card payments, today launched Offlinx™, a digital marketing analytics tool that helps businesses measure the impact of online advertising on in-store and online sales. The first-of-its-kind solution connects consumer browsing activities to purchase transactions, providing retailers with an unprecedented view of their return on digital advertising investment.


Canadian marketers have struggled to understand the in-store effects of online advertisements. While ecommerce continues to grow, consumers are completing the majority of their retail purchases offline, with as much as 90 per cent of sales taking place in-store in certain retail sectors.[1]


“The line between digital and physical worlds is blurring, and no where is that clearer than in the retail industry,” said Jeff Guthrie, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at dota2直播手机版. “Businesses need an accurate way to understand where consumers are interacting with their brand and products, and how customers are spending their money. We now have a tool that can help answer those questions and capture the customer journey from the first click to the final purchase, wherever that takes place.”


Offlinx is powered by a secure tagging mechanism that anonymously links browsing data to transactions that process through dota2直播手机版’ national payment network. This proprietary solution uses multi-touch attribution, providing merchants with next-day results on channel sources driving customer purchases in-store and online. The easy-to-use dashboards allow marketers to interact with their data and respond to sales trends with greater agility.


“dota2直播手机版 is committed to helping businesses make smarter, informed business decisions,” said Malcolm Fowler, Chief Product and Partnership Officer at dota2直播手机版. “We take pride in our ability to innovate and develop solutions that can help merchants achieve their goals. With Offlinx, dota2直播手机版 is the first and only payment services provider in Canada to offer a marketing analytics solution that measures the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns on both in-store and online sales.”


Offlinx features a store-level performance dashboard that presents confirmed in-store card transactions based on retail location, and the driving channel sources, including emails, referral sites and social media. The daily performance dashboard collects key performance metrics for campaign tracking, including in-store revenue, average purchase amount, and web traffic. Users can customize the data filters to analyze and report on channel and store performance.


dota2直播手机版 clients that sign up for Offlinx simply embed standard pixel tags to their domains and set up parameter rules. Offlinx users will also receive dedicated technical assistance to help them navigate the platform.



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