dota2直播手机版 Checkout combines hosted payments with advanced fraud prevention features in a convenient, compact solution

Toronto, ON – February 10, 2020 dota2直播手机版 Solutions Corporation  (“dota2直播手机版”), Canada’s No. 1* processor of debit and credit card payments, introduced dota2直播手机版 Checkout, a comprehensive online payment acceptance solution designed to meet the needs of Canadian businesses regardless of size. Secure and flexible, dota2直播手机版 Checkout offers businesses an easy way to add payment acceptance to their online store.

With 80 per cent of Canadians shopping online**, having a seamless ecommerce experience is critically important for large businesses and more so for small businesses shifting their business online. dota2直播手机版 Checkout features a ready-to-use, modular checkout page with customisable features, built-in support for fraud prevention tools, and payment options such as Google Pay™.

“No business wants to see online cart abandonment or added friction for customers during the checkout process. We’ve developed dota2直播手机版 Checkout to be a robust solution for merchants that want a simple, secure checkout page,” said Patrick Diab, Chief Product Officer at dota2直播手机版. “From fraud protection to payment flexibility, we’re able to meet the payment needs of a business in one compact, customisable solution.”

dota2直播手机版 Checkout features customisation options for sections of the payment page and eReceipt, such as the order summary, customer details, shipping selection, order confirmation and payment information. Merchants can design multiple checkout pages to accept different payment types, from sales orders to donations, in one seamless experience. All configurations are accessible in the dota2直播手机版 Gateway merchant portal, which contains administrative tools, transaction reporting and a web-based terminal for payment processing. 

Fraud Protection with Kount ®

dota2直播手机版 Checkout uses a layered approach to fraud prevention that merchants can reinforce with dota2直播手机版 Kount, online tools that offer tailored fraud protection for every business type. dota2直播手机版 Kount Essential uses predetermined risk parameters based on the merchant’s size and industry to assess potentially fraudulent transactions in real-time. Merchants who want greater control and flexibility over their risk tolerance can upgrade to dota2直播手机版 Kount Enterprise, a sophisticated tool that uses predictive modeling to generate a risk score for every transaction.

Merchants can incorporate fraud protection tools such as AVS, CVV, 3D Secure and transaction amount limits. dota2直播手机版 Checkout merchants can also enable an auto-decision tool, which declines transactions automatically, based on the results from dota2直播手机版 Kount, 3D Secure, AVS and CVV. 

dota2直播手机版 is the first acquirer in Canada to support Interac® Debit through Google Pay, which encrypts payment cards within the digital wallet. As a hosted solution that supports PCI compliance requirements, dota2直播手机版 Checkout enables merchants to accept everyday payment methods, including credit and debit cards, gift cards and digital wallets, while limiting their exposure to sensitive cardholder information. 

Coming later this year, dota2直播手机版 Checkout will support Multi-Currency Pricing, a checkout service that converts shopping cart prices into the customer’s local currency using real-time exchange rates.

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About dota2直播手机版 

dota2直播手机版 is Canada’s largest provider of innovative solutions for mobile, online and in-store payments, processing more than one in three transactions. Serving businesses of every size and industry, dota2直播手机版 offers hardware, software and solutions to help transform the way businesses grow and operate, in payments and beyond. 

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*Based on total number of transactions processed in Canada
** The 2020 Canadian e-commerce report by Canada Post